Pain Doctors Near Me | How To Select The Best Doctor

If you are looking for the best pain doctors near me, it might seem like all that doctors have to offer is surgery and pain medications. Surgery is risky, involves over-reliance on narcotics and long recovery periods. While it is common for pain doctors to offer these treatments, we can help you find another doctor who believes in providing safer, effective, conservative treatment options tailored to you.

There are many treatments that avoid the use of excessive pain medication and surgery that are highly effective and minimally- invasive. Some examples include a steroid knee injection and radiofrequency ablation. These minimally invasive procedures don’t carry the risks associated with surgery or narcotics and enable shorter recovery times. Before committing to a pain doctor, consider a visit to an Ivy League pain doctor in NJ and NY. We’ll review our top Harvard-trained team and discuss the importance of conservative treatments to help you.

If you’re looking for pain doctors near me, then you aren’t alone. Many doctors are over-reliant on surgery and medication which aren’t always best for us. We offer effective, conservative treatments with the best Harvard-trained pain doctors in the country.

The Best Pain Doctors Near Me | Meet Our Harvard Doctors

If you suffer from pain or have a chronic pain condition, our team of pain specialists have many alternative treatments options that are highly effective and minimally invasive. The use of surgery and opioid medications carry risk and can be detrimental to our health. It is important that you receive a consultation with a specialized pain doctor when seeking information about treatment options.

Dr George Hanna

Dr Hanna is a double board certified pain doctor in New York. His areas of expertise include Pain Management and Anesthesiology. He received his training from the prestigious Harvard Medical School as well as Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr Hanna has a wealth of experience to treat pain conditions and symptoms and has delivered several lectures in addition to publishing many scientific articles in the field of pain management. He is a top pain doctor NY and is currently welcoming patients to the Manhattan clinic.

Dr Namrata Khimani

Dr Khimani is a highly experienced pain doctor in New York. She is a triple board certified specialist and a leader in the field of Pain Management and Venous Medicine. Dr Khimani is regularly involved in medical education to teach the latest treatment options to other doctors from across the country. If you suffer from pain, Dr Khimani can combine her knowledge, skills and experience to tailor a treatment plan to you.

Dr Michael Nguyen

Dr Nguyen is a triple board certified pain doctor in New York and New Jersey. He studied at Harvard Medical School and is renowned around the world for offering the latest treatments and his high levels of expertise. He is an expert in Venous Medicine, Interventional Pain Management and Minimally Invasive Cosmetics. Many of the latest minimally invasive treatment options are a result of Dr Nguyen’s pioneering work! As a top pain doctor, his clinic is a Center of Excellence and welcomes doctors, patients and athletes from around the world. You can receive a consultation from Dr Nguyen from our New York and New Jersey pain treatment clinics.

The Dangers of Unnecessary Surgery and Medication

Nowadays, many pain doctors have drug seeking behaviours and are overly reliant on surgery to treat pain experienced by patients. This means that doctors formulate a treatment plan around the use of pain medication which requires taking narcotics several times a day to alleviate pain. The US has seen an opioid epidemic and doctors might be prescribing opioid medications when alternative treatments can be offered. Opioids can become addictive very quickly and therefore carry greater risk compared to minimally invasive, conservative treatments.

At the pain treatment clinic, we have a team of experienced medical professionals who offer safer, minimally invasive procedures. Treatments provide substantial pain relief and some procedures allow you to return to work the same day!

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and get you back to full health without the risks associated with unnecessary surgery and narcotics. Before committing to surgery, consider having a consultation with our Harvard pain doctors NY and NJ.

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