Benefits of ClariVein for Varicose Vein Removal

Back in the early 2000’s, the most common treatment for varicose veins was a very painful surgery called “vein stripping”, which was often performed in the OR, and was a technique for removing the problem veins entirely. This remained the gold standard until when minimally invasive thermal technology emerged as an alternative standard of care. Now techniques such as ClariVein, Radiofrequency ablation, Varithena, VenaSeal, Sclerotherapy and Endovenous Laser treatment (EVLT) are the new Gold Standards. Today, we will explore everything there is to know about ClariVein®.

What is ClariVein®? 

ClariVein is an infusion catheter with a rotating wire tip. During the treatment, the end of the catheter rotates whilst dispensing special chemical medication. This gets the vein closing medication to the targeted treatment area.

No thermal energy is used during this procedure, eliminating the need for multiple needle-stick injections of anesthesia (pain-numbing) medication along the length of the treated area. When using ClariVein, you guarantee the patient a faster and simpler procedure for vein treatment; there has been research that shows patients that choose ClariVein experience almost 80% less pain than patients that choose other minimally-invasive peripheral vascular treatments. Overall, ClariVein patients benefit from the minimal to no pain treatment, along with eliminating any kind of bruising after the procedure (bruising is a common consequence of procedures such as laser ablation treatment).

How does ClariVein® work? 

For ClariVein to work, an incision the size of a tiny pin is made as an entrance point for a specially design slim catheter (tube) that is temporarily inserted into the vein. Since the ClariVein is several times smaller than other devices used in peripheral vascular treatments, this allows the entrance point to be smaller as well.

All vein procedures have the same outcome in mind: Removing or closing the varicose vein, which will allow blood to naturally take an alternative path to healthy and non-affected veins in your legs; leading to improved circulation back from your legs to your heart.

Top Benefits of ClariVein

  • Insurance covers the cost in most cases
  • Multiple injections for anesthesia are no longer needed
  • Results are visible almost immediately
  • Patients can return to normal activities the same day after the procedure


Varicose veins are a type of medical condition that can cause unpleasant symptoms but with the recent medical advancement have made varicose veins treatment a little easier and effective than before. ClariVein Ablation is the current advancement in treating varicose veins and offers numerous benefits. Veins contrasting arteries have valves that operate in a one-way basis which transfer oxygen washed-out blood to the heart. Arteries bring blood rich in oxygen to the heart. In case the valves of the veins do not work well, blood doesn’t flow efficiently. In case the valves leak or fail, blood will flow back through the veins to result to a condition referred to as reflux or venous deficiency.

What is ClariVein?

ClariVein technique is an effective treatment for clearing varicose veins, Sclerotherapy. This treatment is an outpatient procedure that does not need an injection of the local anesthetic and no incisions to complete. Sclerotherapy makes use of sclerosing that destroys the inside part of the vein causing scarring and the closure of the veins. One thing about Sclerotherapy is that it works best with smaller veins but not bigger veins such as saphenous veins. Sclerotherapy has been used for decades to treat vein problems of all kinds. The ClariVein comes in this case. ClariVein endovascular procedure originated in the US and that has been endorsed by leading surgeons all over the world. ClariVein treatment is healthier and moves beyond the original success of laser treatments because it offers the non-thermal vein ablation that can keep any damage from the surrounding tissues. Thermal ablation can cause some slight nerve damage as well, which is what ClariVein eliminates.

Studies have ClariVein is faster and simple and statistics reveal that it is 74% less painful that other techniques that offer minimal invasive treatments

How is Clarivein different than other vein treatments?

Unlike any other technique, ClariVein does not require the use of heat. ClariVein ablation makes use of a unique patented catheter with a rotating tip. The rotating tip allows a much more application of the sclerosing chemical to seal the affected vein

How does Clarivein work/What happen during ClariVein procedure?

ClariVein is the only disposable, single-use catheter treatment that combines the use of a mechanical head with specific vein closing (sclerosing) medications to close off the diseased vein. The physician will use ultrasound therapy to get a better look at the varicose vein from the surface of the skin since the treatment is minimally invasive there are no incisions made. ClariVein catheter is a conduit that is put into a target vein through a small size cut in your skin. The peak of the catheter has a wire that rotates at a 360-degree angle to coat the surface of the vein with special medication. The 360-degree spin by the wire enables the absorption and medication to work effectively. The schedule will take about 15 minutes. The damage caused by the medication and the spinning wire causes the vein to block as the veins wither and are reabsorbed by the body. When this happens, blood gets to flow to other healthier and nearby veins. This procedure is referred to as mechanochemical ablation (MOCA). The MOCA techniques uses the principle of double injury. MOCA catheter uses ultrasound guidance to position itself close to the saphenopopliteal junction or saphenofemoral junction, and a revolving catheter tip brings mechanical tension of the endothelium. Most research done say that ClariVein is considered a safer procedure, but no fact has been proven concerning the treated veins being closed permanently.

How long does treatment take?

The procedure involved is convenient and quick. In medical trials, the average ClariVein treatment is perfumed for about 20 minutes but this time may vary from patient to patient depending on their needs.

How many treatments might I need?

As mentioned the procedure works as quickly as possible, and you only need one procedure to see the results. ClariVein may not be a suitable procedure for everyone. The patients who have had surgery before or those with complicated varicose veins may not be able to undergo this treatment.

How soon can I get back to normal activities?

Many patients will see the results of the treatment after the session, but the full recovery usually takes some time. Patients can help the procedure by wearing tight stockings after the treatment for about four to six weeks. For the few weeks after the treatment, you are advised to have regular exercise particularly walking and avoid strenuous activities

Are there side effects/complications of ClariVein treatment?

Just like with any other varicose veins procedure, there are some risks and side effects associated with the radiofrequency ablation and ClariVein treatments.

  • A burning sensation or detachment in the calves and thighs. This feeling does not last long and can be reduced by medications.
  • Slight soreness
  • Allergic reaction to the sclerosant is rare. It can present immediately as an anaphylactic reaction with generalized rash, constriction in the throat or difficulty with breathing, and this is successfully treated by injecting cortisone or adrenaline. Allergy may cause a skin rash requiring antihistamines. Allergy is slightly more likely in asthmatics. Patients should stay in the building for 20 minutes after any form of treatment to ensure that no allergic reactions occur.
  • Deepening vein thrombosis. Blood clots that extend deeper into the veins can occur. This potentially chronic effect is not common if patients follow the routine as instructed by the doctor. This include regular walking and compression of the veins. If this is demonstrated on the postoperative scan, then you may require treatment with daily heparin injections until further scans show the clot is resolving.
  • Pigmentation of the treated veins consists of hemosiderin, a form of nutrient from the blood. Most fades within 12 months but leaves a constant stain in about 2-3%, and this is of cosmetic importance. Persistent coloring may be able to be managed by laser treatment.
  • Nerve damage We are not aware of any reports of damage to major nerves.
  • Stroke There have been no reported cases after ClariVein
  • All patients will also be left with scars which can be unsightly, and skin staining is also common

    Is Clarivein ablation safe?
    The available data assure that ClariVein Ablation as an effective and safe with no complication after the treatment. Most of the patients who have undergone the procedure have shown a tremendous follow-up appointment.What results/benefits might I expect with ClariVein?Some factors make ClariVein a good varicose vein treatment procedure.
    • It is effective and safe technique
    • No recovery time and the patient can return to normal activities in due time.
    • Less discomfort and bruising
    • No risk of thermal heat as laser treatment is not involved. ClariVein produces no heat. In th9s case, there is no possibility of thermal injury, contrary to other methods. Therefore, there is no risk of nerve damage with ClariVein, that minimizes the risks connected with the treatment.
    • No nerve or skin damage
    • No internal bleeding or injury
    • Treatment is quick about 20minutes.
    • Does not use any local anesthetic- the fact that the ClariVein procedure does not include any heat means that tumescent anesthetic is not required. This is the painful and uncomfortable part of the treatment as the procedure due to the number of needles injuries and the pressure that originates internally on the leg. Radiofrequency ablation and lasers, local v is quite important in the procedure as it averts thermal heat from reaching the body and causing thermal injury to the patient. ClariVein in this case it is not required and therefore the risk of it not being done is reduced.
    • Does not involve surgical operations
    • It is done on outpatient basis hence no admission to the hospitals.
    • The procedure does not involve any pain

    Is Clarivein covered by my insurance carrier?

    Presently, ClariVein procedure is covered by some insurance companies, and Medicare. More and more plans are covering this procedure, so call us today to find out. 

    What can you expect following ClariVein? /Clarivein post-care

    Some of the features below may be experienced after the treatment. They are not a matter of concern but need to be reported in the review.

    You may experience moderate to mild pain for few days. This only shows the procedure is operational. The degree of pain is based on the initial size of the veins. Pain can be relieved by a painkiller or walking. You may feel sore at the back of the knee from rubbing by a tight garment.

    You may see tender lumps and discoloration which come due to tributaries after consequent sclerotherapy. No need to worry as the discoloration disappears after about four to six weeks. This shows that the treatment is working.

    The treated veins may reopen, and new veins can develop; therefore this is why it is important to get regular ultrasound surveillance is offered so that recurrent veins can be detected and easily treated with UGS before they become too large.

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We are experts in minimally invasive procedures with zero downtime, allowing you to resume regular activities the same day. Leave us your information, and we will reach out to help you verify your insurance coverage, and schedule an appointment with one of our vein specialists.

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