Which Doctor To See For Knee Pain? | A Harvard Doctor Weighs In

If you’re struggling with knee pain, you may find that you have lots of questions in need of an answer. Knee pain can be debilitating and significantly affect your quality of life. If left untreated, knee pain can get worse and lead to further health complications. It’s also important to understand why you’re in pain and how best it can be treated. That’s why it is highly recommended that you seek medical advice and book an appointment with your doctor.

There are many conservative ways to relieve knee pain that avoid knee replacement surgery. Nowadays, orthopedic surgeons are quick to suggest surgical intervention to treat the knee joint. However, surgery is not an option that should be taken lightly due to the risks associated with general anesthetic, pain medicine and lengthy recovery periods.

Luckily, we have the best Board Certified pain doctors who can answer the most common questions associated with knee joint pain and provide you with an insight into the many different treatment options available that avoid surgery.

If you’re wondering ‘which doctor to see for knee pain?’ then we can help! We have advice from Ivy League pain doctors with the latest treatments to help. you.

Where Can I Find A Doctor That Treats Rheumatoid Arthritis?

If you’re looking for the best doctor that treats rheumatoid arthritis, then we can help. At the VIP Medical Group, we have an array of Board Certified pain doctors who are experts in treating rheumatoid arthritis in addition to other types of acute and chronic knee pain.

One treatment in particular that is effective with arthritis is Genicular Nerve Radio Frequency Ablation (also known as RFA treatment). RFA treatment is a relatively new and effective treatment that has excellent patient outcomes for long-term chronic knee pain.

During this procedure, your pain doctor will place two needles above the knee and one below the knee. The pain doctor may use an X-Ray as guidance when placing the needles. If the needles are as close as they need to be, the area will be numbed using a local anesthetic. Next, heat energy is transmitted to the needles to heat up the nerves, stopping any pain from being transmitted. RFA treatment avoids the unnecessary risks associated with knee replacement surgery and boasts positive, long-term outcomes for patients with chronic knee pain.

In addition to RFA treatment, there are many other conservative treatment options available at the VIP Medical Group. If you struggle with knee pain either as the result of a knee injury or due to chronic knee joint pain, don’t hesitate to seek medical advice from a pain doctor at the VIP Medical Group.

Do Orthopedic Doctors Treat Gout?

If you’re wondering ‘do orthopedic doctors treat gout?’ then we can help. Gout is a painful condition that is caused by an accumulation of uric acid in the blood. This causes uric acid crystals to form on the joints, causing pain and inflammation. Gout attacks – periods of intense pain – can occur at any point of the day but usually affect individuals most at night.

If you’re struggling with gout, it is best to seek medical advice from a Board Certified pain doctor. Pain doctors are leaders in the field of pain medicine and are experienced in treating diseases of the joints and connective tissues. They have a range of conservative treatment options to target and treat gout using specialized care that maximizes your health through minimally invasive procedures.

Pain doctors will take your medical history, order blood tests and will use imaging (such as X-Ray and ultrasound) to assess and diagnose your problem. They will then provide a conservative treatment option for you so that you can get back to full health without engaging in risky surgeries or long-term use of narcotics, anti inflammatories or opioids. They can also recommend the best physical therapist to assist you in your recovery.

What Doctor For Joint Pain?

If you struggle with joint pain, the best doctor is a pain doctor. As we have already discussed, pain doctors are experts in diagnosing and treating a range of functional pain complaints. They have access to the latest techniques in regenerative medicine to provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan that maximizes health without risky surgeries or long-term pain medicine. Best of all, pain doctors have a wealth of knowledge and experience in treating bone on bone knee pain management, arthritis, acute knee injuries and long-term chronic knee pain. If knee pain is causing you discomfort and distress, consider visiting a Board Certified pain doctor who can explain your treatment options and provide you with a thorough overview of your knee pain.

Why Do I Have Knee Pain?

Knee pain can range from discomfort to extreme knee pain. If you’re wondering ‘why does my knee hurt?’ then you aren’t alone. There are a range of knee pain causes that can make knees hurt. If you’re looking for effective knee pain relief, then consider seeking medical advice from a Board Certified pain doctor.

There are many knee pain treatments available that avoid unnecessary surgery. However, it is important to receive an accurate knee pain diagnosis. If left untreated, knee pain can get worse over time and lead to health complications. Long-term damage may result from untreated knee pain.  Let’s take a look at some knee pain causes:

  • Bursitis – an inflammation of the fluid-filled sac (bursa) at the knee joint.
  • Minor and acute knee injuries – sprains/ strains, partial displacement.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis – a chronic disease that can cause the synovial membrane that covers the knee joint to swell and become painful.
  • Tendonitis – when the tendon swells up and becomes painful after an injury
  • Osteoarthritis – usually associated with ageing. Occurs when the water content in the cartilage increases and the protein in the cartilage degenerates.

If you are struggling with sore knees, consider visiting a Board Certified pain doctor. Pain doctors are an authority in pain medicine and have access to the latest treatments that avoid risky surgery and long-term use of narcotics, opioids and NSAIDs. It is important that you receive an accurate knee pain diagnosis from an expert pain doctor so that you can explore your treatment options in full with experts in the field of pain medicine.

Why Should I See A Pain Doctor?

Pain doctors are an authority in pain medicine. They have extensive knowledge, skill and experience in accurately diagnosing and treating an array of functional pain complaints. In particular, our Ivy League Board Certified pain doctors provide the latest conservative treatments available in the country.

Nowadays, many orthopedic doctors are quick to suggest knee replacement surgery and narcotics to treat knee pain symptoms. However, surgery carries many risks, and recovery periods can be lengthy. It is no secret that the U.S. is facing an opioid outbreak, with addiction and negative side effects being reported across the country.

At the VIP Medical Group, we combine the latest advances in regenerative medicine with a holistic approach to healthcare. This ensures that we maximize your health through minimally invasive techniques in our state-of-the-art Centers of Excellence.

Above and beyond our excellent treatment choices, we believe in the importance of establishing healthy doctor-patient relationships. Our team is incredibly friendly and understands why you might have health concerns. That’s why we pride ourselves in offering the best patient care journey and welcome patients from around the world.  If you’re struggling with knee pain, consider seeking medical advice from our team of Ivy League pain doctors who are on-hand to answer any concerns you may have and provide the best treatment options for you.

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