Did Your Prior Varicose and Spider Vein Treatment Plans Fail? 

Millions of people deal with spider veins and varicose veins, and a surprising number of them don’t achieve successful vein treatment. This is unfortunate, considering our world-renowned vein clinic on Long Island provides flawless results in under 30 minutes! Vein issues persist for various reasons, including some patients’ apprehension about seeking treatment. For others, it’s because they chose a vein clinic that doesn’t have board certified vein doctors or the latest, state of the art vein treatments. And for many, it’s because their vein specialist failed to conduct a comprehensive examination or customize their vein treatment plan. At our cutting edge vein clinic on Long Island, treatment plans are designed around each patient and our vein specialists even combine treatments as needed to perfect your results. Read on to learn how we’ve revolutionized vein care for superior relief. 

Ready for a New Way to Treat Spider Veins and Varicose Veins?

Are you wary of vein surgery or fearful that vein treatment will be costly or painful to complete? Our revolutionary Long Island vein clinics erase those fears by offering several new ways to treat spider veins and varicose veins and vascular disease. Each of our vein doctors is trained in minimally invasive treatments that take only a few minutes to complete. We guide our patients throughout the entire process, from verifying insurance coverage, to explaining treatment options, to following up with you after your procedure. Our doctors take ample time investigating your condition and listening to your concerns, in order to choose the ideal vein treatment for you. Our vein specialists rarely recommend surgery, instead favoring groundbreaking treatment plans that treat the vein internally, rather than cutting it out of your body.  

Have you tried support stockings, lasers, or vein surgery to no avail? Are you looking for a better solution? Our vein clinic on Long Island revolutionizes care.

Looking for Minimally Invasive Treatments for Your Veins?

“Minimally invasive” sounds nicer than “vein stripping surgery,” but what does the phrase actually mean for you? These gentler procedures don’t involve open incisions, general anesthesia, stitches, or hospitalization. Instead, our physicians use ultrasound imaging to direct treatment to the vein through pin-sized entry points on your skin. Some treatments, like endovenous ablation, employ local anesthetic to protect the tissue around your vein. Others, like VenaSeal, don’t require any anesthesia, only a topical numbing solution on your skin where we insert the tiny device. There are no stitches to remove, no scars to heal, and no bleeding to manage with minimally invasive vein treatments. Patients are mobile right away, with the vast majority going right back to work after their brief procedure. Choosing vein doctors trained in these techniques is safer, faster, and more affordable for patients who don’t require a vascular surgeon for their condition.  

Wondering What Our Vein Clinic on Long Island Does Differently?

Patients consistently express how different our Long Island vein clinic is than other medical clinics they’ve tried. It starts with our vein doctors’ genuine interest in each patient. They spend extra time getting to know you and choose to make themselves available via a concierge coordinator so you can reach them at any time. Our team is more committed to delivering a pleasant patient experience than any other vein clinic on Long Island. From compassionate doctors, to swift treatments, to stunning results, be prepared for an experience like none other with our premiere medical group. 

How Did Our Vein Specialists Revolutionize Vein Care?

Vein treatment was once a painful, laborious process that wasn’t always successful. But vein technology has changed dramatically in recent decades, and continues to change at a rapid pace. Our Ivy League doctors always stay ahead of the curve. They frequently attend medical conferences and engage in the latest research so they can always offer the best solutions for each patient. Unlike other LI vein clinics, we’re known for customizing treatment plans for individualized care. Our board certified vein experts are so highly trained that they can prevent surgery in all but the rarest of cases, and provide even better results non-invasively. With advanced ultrasound-guided technology and superior training and techniques, our medical clinic has revolutionized what was previously an invasive experience for patients. 

Which Revolutionary Treatment Plans Do We Offer?

If you’ve treated your veins before, you’ll be thrilled to know that many of our treatments are great for previously treated veins. Our vein closure methods are advanced, adaptable, and safe for use on chronic vein disease. We offer a variety of options to suit different levels of vein damage and accommodate patients with coexisting medical conditions. Patients love that our treatments don’t cause significant side effects and don’t leave scarring, discoloration, or skin damage behind like less experienced vein clinics and vascular surgeons sometimes do. Our physicians offer personalized solutions that include cutting-edge, pre-mixed foam sclerotherapy (Varithena), thermal endovenous treatments with radiofrequency ablation, and medical adhesives like VenaSeal to permanently destroy defective veins. Each of these is performed in an outpatient setting, so you aren’t sidelined for even one day of your life. 

Want to Schedule a Consultation at a Vein Clinic on Long Island? 

Are you ready to try something new for your veins and get the results you’ve been waiting for? Schedule a consultation at one of our acclaimed vein clinics on Long Island, including our North Shore, South Shore, and Hamptons locations. Our award-winning medical group can determine if you need vein care, and if so, which vein treatments are suited to you. We always explain all options in depth, so you can choose the one you’re most comfortable with. You can book online or give us a call to learn more. For our South Shore vein clinic, call (631) 407-2638. To reach our North Shore doctors, call (631) 919-4958, and for our Hamptons vein clinic, call (631) 518-2985. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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