Pain Management Specialist Near Me | What Is A Specialist?

A pain management specialist is a pain doctor that has received extensive training and has advanced knowledge about pain conditions and their treatment. A pain management specialist uses their skills and experience to treat a variety of chronic pain and different types of pain conditions. They use an array of treatments and pain medications to help alleviate pain. However, many pain doctors rely on using surgical techniques and long-term pain medication to treat pain conditions. Surgery is risky, requires long recovery periods and can mean over-reliance on medications. The excessive use of narcotics may not be best for your health.

Before you consult with a doctor, consider visiting a pain management specialist. These pain doctors are the top pain management doctors NY and NJ with years of experience and world-class knowledge in the field of pain management and regenerative medicine. They offer minimally-invasive and maximally effective treatment alternatives to unnecessary surgeries and long-term use of narcotics. We’ll review the best pain management specialist near me in addition to showing you treatable conditions to provide you with more information.

Suffering from pain? Looking for the best pain management specialist near me? We have the top pain management specialists to help you. Our team consists of Ivy League pain doctors who are experts in pain medicine.

The Top Pain Management Specialist Near Me | The Medical Professionals

If you feel discomfort and pain, it can be difficult to know who can help you. It is important that you find a highly trained primary care physician who can be your first point of contact and also continue with your care and treatment.  Nowadays, many doctors are too quick to offer pain medications and unnecessary surgeries.

At the pain treatment clinic and the Vein Treatment Clinic and Pain Treatment Specialists, our medical staff provide a first-class service in state-of-the-art facilities and use regenerative medicine to help your pain conditions. All of the top pain management doctors NYC and NJ are board certified and believe in the importance of offering safe, minimally-invasive treatment alternatives for their patients without the associated risks of surgery and narcotics. Our top rated team of medical professionals include:

Dr George Hanna

Dr Hanna is a double board certified pain doctor in New York.  His areas of expertise include Pain Management and Anesthesiology. He received his training from the prestigious Harvard Medical School as well as Massachusetts General Hospital.  Dr Hanna has a wealth of experience to treat pain conditions and symptoms and has delivered several lectures in addition to publishing many scientific articles in the field of pain management. As a top pain doctor NY,  pain care and successful outcomes are of the highest priority. He is available for consultations and is currently welcoming patients to the Manhattan clinic.

Dr Namrata Khimani

Dr Khimani is a highly experienced pain doctor in New York. She is a triple board certified specialist and a leader in the field of Pain Management and Venous Medicine. She is from New York and graduated from Harvard Medical School with honors. Dr Khimani is regularly involved in medical education to teach the latest treatment options to other doctors from across the country.  If you suffer from pain, Dr Khimani can combine her knowledge, skills and experience to tailor a treatment plan to you.

Dr Michael Nguyen

Dr Nguyen is a triple board certified and top rated pain doctor in New York and New Jersey.  He studied at Harvard Medical School and is renowned around the world for offering the latest treatments and his high levels of expertise. He is an expert in Venous Medicine, Interventional Pain Management and Minimally Invasive Cosmetics. Many of the latest minimally invasive treatment options are a result of Dr Nguyen’s pioneering work!  As a top pain doctor NY and NJ, his clinic is a Center of Excellence and welcomes doctors, patients and athletes from around the world. You can receive a consultation from Dr Nguyen from our New York and New Jersey pain treatment clinics.

What type of pain conditions can be treated?

Now that the importance of choosing a pain management specialist has been discussed, let’s take a look at the types of pain that can be treated. Minimally-invasive and maximally effective techniques that avoid over-reliance on narcotics and unnecessary surgeries are available.

Before committing to a procedure with your primary care physician, consider seeing a pain management specialist. These pain doctors are experienced in pain medicine and offer regenerative medical techniques with highly successful outcomes! Some examples of treatable conditions without surgical intervention include:

It is important that you seek highly trained and experienced medical professionals who are experienced in pain medicine.  All of our top rated pain management doctors NY and NJ have an abundance of knowledge, skills and experience in regenerative medicine to tailor a treatment plan to suit your needs.

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Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and get you back to full health without the risks associated with unnecessary surgery and narcotics. Before committing to surgery, consider having a consultation with our Harvard pain doctors NY and NJ.

At the pain treatment clinic, you will receive extremely high levels of patient care from our expert medical team.  We offer state-of-the-art facilities, triple Board Certification and a team of Ivy League trained pain doctors.

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