When it comes to the treatment of spider vein treatment in San Diego, there are several options available. Spider veins is a vascular condition where the legs develop tiny bursts that are blue or red in colour. These bursts are usually noticed on the ankles, thighs, knees, and calves. The tiny bursts are usually a result of capillaries in the veins that have dilated or ballooned with blood. Spider veins are less severe as compared to varicose veins since there is no sever pain, ache or burn even when an individual has been standing or sitting for long durations of time.


This is a procedure in which the doctor uses an injection with a solution to close the vein. The solution in the injection scars the vein causing the blood to flow to the veins that are healthy. After a few weeks or administering the injections the spider veins disappear. The process, however, might have to be repeated more than once and is most effective when it is done properly. No anesthesia is required as the very little intrusion is done and the procedure can be comfortably conducted in a doctor’s office. The main drawbacks associated with the procedure are the skin color changing in the injected area, swelling and itchiness. The main benefit is that the patient can resume their daily routine after the treatment since it requires very little recovery time.

Laser surgery

This type of treatment procedure involves the inducing of light in strong bursts in the vein in order to make it disappear or slowly fade away. This procedure does not require any needles or an incision to be made on the skin. The treatment is effective for small veins, but when it comes to bigger veins, it might prove to be ineffective. Sclerotherapy is considered much more effective as opposed to laser surgery. The main disadvantages of undergoing this treatment procedure is swelling, skin tone permanent changes, itchiness, redness and bruising.  When the treatment procedures are completed the vein will slowly fade away in a matter of months, and at times they might fail to go away totally. There is also a likelihood that new spider veins might form in the exact location.

Care immediately about your spider vein treatment

Immediately the spider vein treatment San Diego is completed the patient will realize that the spider veins have disappeared or that they are slowly fading away. If sclerotherapy was used at least half or three-quarter of them will be gone while in the case of laser surgery the veins might have disappeared or take a while longer before they fade. If after the procedures the patients experience extreme pain or skin conditions they should consult the surgeon immediately.

The treatments used in treating spider veins require very little recovery time so the patient will be able to resume their daily routines almost immediately. In the early days after treatment, it might be necessary to put on support stockings to ensure that the treated veins remain closed and to avoid the possibility of bruising. The first several weeks after treatment should also be free of direct sunlight on the treated area. All the instructions given by the surgeon should be followed to the letter. Our vein specialist Dr.Carly Guthrie and Dr. Caroline Novak are experts in the area and available for consultations.

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