Definition of spider veins: these are small red as well as purple veins that can be found on the legs, thighs, and ankles among other parts of the body.  These veins are common in the recent past as most of them are hereditary as well as hormonal. These veins sometimes look ugly especially when they spread all over the body. In most cases, the veins cause discomfort.  It is worth mentioning that spider veins can be treated through sclerotherapy alongside compression.

So many patients are afraid of some of these procedures as because of pain or severe side effects that are associated with them. Well, sclerotherapy is not painful, and only a few cases of little discomfort have been reported in the recent past.  It has been reported that patients may experience burning sensation ranging from slight to moderate after the injection which is expected to disappear within a few minutes and in case it persists, notify your doctor for further instructions. One also feels weakness on the legs, and again the thing disappears.

Another thing that most people are worried regarding spider vein treatment is how long the treatment will last before the spiders disappear.  Well, according to doctors, this can go for up to a period of one month before you start experiencing a change.  A full dosage requires the vessels to be injected more than once for like four times. It is directed that the injections should be carried out on a monthly basis at intervals until a change is noted.

It is said that after the successful completion of this medication, 70-80% of the spider veins are expected to disappear, and as time goes by, all the veins will go is worth mentioning that even though spider vein treatment will take away the veins, this treatment does not prevent the occurrence of new vessels that is why it is advisable that you consider maintenance treatment after a period of time.

So many patients are also worried about the successfulness of this treatment, and they seem to do a lot of research regarding this. Well, it is important to mention that spider vein treatment is 80-95% successful and the rest of the percentage consists of people who experience little as well as no changes.

Another issue that many patients are also asking themselves about this medication is if there is an alternative medication other than sclerotherapy. Even though there are alternatives such as laser treatment, research shows that the alternatives are fairly unreliable. But, there is hopes since the new AURA laser was acquired as there are a lot of good things expected from this treatment especially among those people who have shown little or no response to the other treatments.

It is crucial to mention that for more spider vein treatment information, you can visit our website: as our doctors are board accredited and are well experienced hence they can handle your case successfully without any challenges. Moreover, we are concerned about your welfare and probably not your cash, do not hesitate if you have spider vein problems, and contact us, the early the better!

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