Both men and women get spider veins on their body and face. These are small unsightly purple and red vessels that are visible on the surface of face or body. These are closer to your skin surface than varicose veins. Spider veins look like spider webs and tree branches. They can appear both on a small and large area, especially on your face, feet and leg areas. The spider veins might not be harmful, but they look a little scary.
The spider veins usually do not hurt. You will not have any pain and discomfort if you have spider veins on your face and leg. But it can affect your look. If it is on your face, then you will certainly like to get rid of it at the minimum possible time. Fortunately, you will get different types of treatment options to cure spider veins. You will discuss the available treatments. But before this, you will know the causes of spider veins.
Causes of spider veins

There are many causes of spider veins. It might result from the respiratory problems and circulatory problems that cause varicose vein. In addition, you can get spider vein due to pressure on the veins of your leg. Some reasons are pregnancy, injury, age, long periods on your feet, blood trapping and enlarged vein. Hormonal changes, sun exposure, and genetic issues can also cause spider veins. Women are more prone to spider vein than men. They get two to four times more than the men. The reason is that female hormones and pregnancy can cause spider vein.
You can get relief from spider veins with some lifestyle changes. It is not possible to get rid of them completely without proper treatment. But yes, it will help to prevent developing. You can practice workouts, use sunscreen lotion, avoid weight gain, and avoid standing long hours to prevent such condition.

What is the available treatment?

The best treatment for spider veins is laser treatment. The laser treatment for spider vein will be simple, fast, and effective. It will apply the laser heat to the vein and that will damage the vein. As the result, the vein will disappear and die gradually. The process will be non-invasive and it can be performed on an outpatient basis.
The process is not uncomfortable. There will be a slight pain depending on the severity and sensitivity of your skin. Your doctor will take care to minimize the potential damage to the affected skin. In a few cases, you might experience skin burns, swelling, discoloration, and redness. But the all these side effects are temporary.

Why should laser treatment for spider vein?

Studies have proved that laser is safe and effective to treat spider veins. But you should discuss all your concerns with your doctor before going ahead with this process. Moreover, you need to consult reputed and experienced doctors for the treatment to get maximum benefits.

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