Vein Doctor Michael Nguyen treats vein reflux with minimally invasive procedures. VenaSeal closure system is one of this procedures and is also one of the latest treatment methods for venous disease. It targets chronic venous insufficiency. The first step that is used to approach a vein case in the Vein Institute is the clinical evaluation and ultrasound exam to look at the venous circulation, pathology, and anatomical variations. Then, the best treatment choice is discussed and chosen.

VenaSeal targets venous reflux and at the same time diminishes discomfort and recovery time. The way this closure system works is by means of an adhesive that seals the walls of the refluxing vein with only one needle stick for numbing and access to the vein. VenaSeal system is less painful and less traumatic or bruise prone. The treatment does not require the use of compression stockings after the procedure like in the case of thermal energy based choices.

VenaSeal treats underlying venous disease safely. Compared to thermal energy procedures for venous disease, the experience with VenaSeal system is pain free, less manipulation, and less bruising. VenaSeal is an FDA approved procedure that is used to treat varicose veins symptoms called venous reflux.

Vein expert pre-examines potential candidates. For many patients who visibly show signs like varicose vein and spider vein, sclerotherapy is used  in combination with VenaSeal to medically target tributary veins that are also refluxing. Existent spider veins or persistent varicose veins will also need to be treated with liquid or foam sclerotherapy or laser sclerotherapy. For this portion of the treatment, it is necessary to wear compression stocking for a period of 1 week and avoid sunlight for 4 weeks afterwards. Vein specialist doctor can recommend the best time for sclerotherapy during or after treatment of venous reflux with VenaSeal or any other of the thermal energy systems.

VenaSeal is available in the Vein Center. Top Vein Treatment Center in New York performs this procedure with high patient response and satisfaction. This is mainly because VenaSeal does not require patients to return on multiple occasions and no medical compression stockings are needed afterwards. In terms of efficacy, VenaSeal has been shown to be equal or more effective than other current modalities readily used.

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