Are some people predisposed to vein problems? What are varicose vein risk factors? Patients in the Manhattan area often pose these questions to our premier vein doctors, Michael Nguyen, Namrata Khimani, and Mary So, because they know they can trust them for understandable explanations and sound advice. Our doctors provide information to help these individuals evaluate their personal tendency to develop abnormal veins, find conservative methods to reduce their risk, and effective medical treatments to resolve vein issues.

Who gets varicose veins?

Statistically, the highest risk profile is:

  • Female.
  • Over age 50.
  • Has had at least one full-term pregnancy.
  • Overweight.
  • Smoker.
  • Not physically active.

However, it is important to note that anyone – either gender and all lifestyles – can develop varicose veins at any age. Heredity and medical conditions play a role.

Factors you can influence

The team at Vein Institute & Pain Centers of America welcomes opportunities to advise patients on simple daily changes that reduce risk of varicose veins. Here are some good-sense tips for better vein health and overall wellness:

  • Participate in cardio exercise to lose pounds. Weight lifting can cause abdominal strain that triggers varicose veins.
  • If your job requires long periods of sitting or standing, move around as much as possible on breaks. Walk the halls, take the stairs, or do foot flexing exercises that stretch and compress calf muscles.
  • Avoid constipation with a well-balanced diet that includes plenty of fiber.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t put excess pressure on the midsection.
  • Ask for help with smoking cessation.

Ideally, we want to help you enjoy smooth, comfortable, vein-free legs. We provide counseling on conservative techniques to minimize discomfort from veins that already exist. You can count on personalized attention to find your best treatment options to eliminate significant varicose veins. Call Vein Institute & Pain Centers of America at (212) 810-9525 today to schedule a consultation.

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