Did you know that surgery is always the most effective treatment for kidney tumors through Radiofrequency ablation and it is suitable for quite a number of conditions? The conditions are as follows:

  • Elderly patients who have developed difficulties with surgery
  • Patients with just a kidney
  • Patients owning tumors that are below 4 cm in size
  • Patients suffering from other conditions that are likely to interfere with surgery

The tumor on the kidney can be overpowered through renal ablation by considering invasive nephron-sparing techniques. After the tumor has been identified it is handled with a lot of energy which in turn will get rid of the tumor cells without interfering with nearby tissues as they are left functioning.  As the tumor is annihilated, the entire process simply preserves the rest of the kidney

According to doctors, Radiofrequency ablation is popularly used to treat uterine fibroids though a few years ago, the process was used in liver tumors. Doctors also suggested that this process will also be effective in renal cell carcinoma, a common kidney tumour.

It is important to note that radiofrequency is not a new method in medical history since doctors have been using them to treat patients suffering from related liver problems since the early 1990s and it was until recently that doctor started employing it percutaneously on kidney tumors, and it was effective.  It was until a few years ago that Parra, as well as Paz-Fumagalli, started employing FR ablation method of treatment on their kidney patients.  Research shows that this process has been effective and quite helpful in reducing as well as getting rid of the tumors in every one patient out of 12. In cases where RF ablation is not acceptable, surgical methods without affecting the outcome of the surgery may be employed.  It is worth noting that smaller tumors are less frequent especially in having metastasized. In case the process is not working, your doctor will let go and will not waste time for no reason.

Did you know that the first institution to successfully employ radiofrequency ablation on kidney tumor is UT Southwestern? This method is still under testing though it has proven to be successful of some cancer, therefore, National Institutes of Health has come up with a conclusion that this method is an effective and safe local treatment for a number of cancers.

It is also important to note that kidney tumours are more than liver tumours and according to Mayo, it is clear that Radiofrequency ablation is the best for treating small tumors.  Mayo mentions that out of this experience with more than 80 kidney patients, this process was able to destroy the tumour in more than three-quarters of the patients.

Did you know that there are only two major methods that can ablate kidney tumors in the recent past? Well, radiofrequency ablation as well as Cryoablation.  Most doctors treat cancer through extirpation where the cancerous cells are cut out this is unlike radiofrequency ablation where heat energy is applied and destroys cancerous cells. For more information on learning more about: https://www.vipmedicalgroup.com/about-vip/

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