There is no doubt that identifying the best shoulder surgeon who makes an accurate diagnosis as well as treating the pain as well as discomfort is quite challenging in the recent past. A good surgeon will inquire more regarding your symptoms as well as frequent pain experienced.

Shoulder surgeon understands a range of pain that your shoulder may experience such as dislocations, ligament injuries, arthritis, joint inflammation, SLAP Tear, Glenoid Labrum Tear, anatomical alignment issues, conditioning issues, strains as well as fractures to mention but a few. The following are some of the symptoms that patients suffering from shoulder problems may experience; extreme pain, stiffness, discomfort as well as instability among others.

Problems related to AC Joint

There are times when people encounter accidents and in the process they can fall on their shoulders. Shoulder surgeon will quickly note an AC joint problem especially when you have developed a physical bump. The surgeon recommends a number of treatments which will be based on the stability as well as the size of the bump.

Problems related with rotator cuff

According to shoulder surgeon, there are a range of problems that may be caused by some of the overhead activities that you carry out during the day. The activities may cause rotator cuff problems and this can only be determined if the x-ray is performed as well as some physical examination.  For this case, shoulder surgeon may recommend an arthroscopic process which is simply a shoulder surgery.

Shoulder dislocation

It is worth mentioning that there are different types of shoulder dislocation as some may include anterior which is normally caused by glenohumeral ligament tear, this is the main area that is responsible for stabilization of your shoulder. There are also different treatments for such problems which include arthroscopic techniques.  Such problems can only be diagnosed through x-rays as well as physical examination.

AC Joint Arthritis problems

Even though arthritis problems are always related with old age, this problem is also common with people who encounter shoulder pain.  The pain is not caused by anything, and as time goes by, when you move your hand above your head, the pain persists and worsens.  This condition worsens the more you get older. It is only a qualified and experienced shoulder surgeon who can diagnose this condition and can only be concluded to be so after MRI, x-ray as well as physical examination.  Medical research shows that this condition is common among individuals who have their arms extended over their heads for a long period of time or in weightlifters as well as those who are working at the construction site for quite a long period of time.  Shoulder surgeon normally recommends physiotherapy, cortisone injections, and anti-inflammatories and in advanced stages, surgery may be performed.

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