Did you know that there are several types of shoulder surgeries and they are mainly determined by the severity of the condition as well as the location? It is also important to note that shoulder surgery should be the last option after other therapies, as well as treatments, have been employed in vain.

After successful shoulder surgery, your doctor will definitely recommend some shoulder exercises which must be done under the guidance of a physiotherapist to ensure that it regains its original shape and functions. The following are types of shoulder surgeries that doctors from around the world employ to ensure that their patients are relieved.

It is obvious that shoulder injuries are common amongst sportsmen and most of these injuries can be corrected through rest, physical therapy, as well as medication only on severe conditions, do the doctors perform surgery. Learn more about different kinds of shoulder surgeries:

Bankart Surgery

This type of shoulder surgery is also referred to as Broca-Perthes-Bankart, and the procedure is commonly used to treat torn shoulder ligaments caused by trauma as well as a pinched nerve in your shoulder. The major purpose for this procedure is bringing back the torn ligaments in the glenoid cavity as it seems to fix shoulder dislocation. This surgery is normally performed for sportspersons who have experienced frequent shoulder dislocation.

Shoulder Arthroscopy

This type of surgery requires the surgeon to employ arthroscope as well as a small camera in order to perform the surgery.  A small incision is done in the skin along the area of the injury, and the camera is inserted on the incision. This procedure has also been used successfully to correct torn tendons which is normally a tear in the rotator cuff muscle

Rotator Cuff Surgery

A shoulder may suffer from torn cartilage as well as severe pain, and this is mainly as a result of excessive straining on the rotator cuff whereby the tendons get pinched. Such pain is always quite severe and makes the shoulder unable to move.

Shoulder Replacement Surgery

In cases where your shoulder is deeply obliterated, you will have to undergo a shoulder replacement surgery. This surgery is commonly referred to as total shoulder arthroplasty. This procedure is used to treat stiff joints. Stiff joints are associated with severe pain alongside slight flexing of the shoulder.  Shoulder replacement surgery includes replacing the ball as well as socket joint as well as humeral as well as glenoid. Did you know that this procedure has also been used successfully to treat chronic arthritis? The procedure is normally carried out under general anesthesia.

It is evident that there are different forms of shoulder surgeries that can be performed on patients’ suffering from shoulder related problems. The type of surgery will be determined by the severity of the problems as well as your medical history. It is also important to note that the recovery period will be determined by the area of surgery for instance; tendons take a lot of time before they heal and this will be inhibited by how you control your movements.  For more information, consult with the board accredited shoulder surgeons at https://www.vipmedicalgroup.com/about-vip/

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