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Chronic low back pain can render you unproductive.

In fact, millions of Americans visit hospitals in search of long lasting pain relief. At the Vein Institute and Pain Centers in New Jersey, we promote a multi-disciplinary approach to pain management.

For those looking for low back pain treatment in New Jersey, look nowhere else other than our VIP Centers.

A Combined Approach

We have carefully designed pain management approaches that combine physical therapy, prescription medicine, stand alone therapy or steroid injection interventions.

Our specialists are board certified, Ivy-League accredited and with a specialty in the pain relief practice.

Low back pain or lumbar pain is our forte. Our team of experts prioritizes on lower back pain diagnosis and treatment. We rely on non invasive techniques to mitigate the pain.

We Listen and Analyze

At the VIP Center, we take time to read and understand your pain. We will comprehensively analyze your condition and come up with non surgical, interventional or alternative approaches.

We don’t rush to treat you pain just to get short term results. We will administer the most resourceful technique that will keep your pain away for the longest time.

Trust our pain relief experts to provide a personalized treatment program that restores your wellbeing and promotes a pain free lifestyle.

Highly Skilled Multi-Specialty Doctors

Choosing pain relief experts from VIP Centers, means that you will get proper low back pain treatment in New Jersey. Our doctors are highly acclaimed and proficient in everything to do with lower back pain relief. Booking an appointment with us is easy.

You can choose to book online, or you can drop by our conveniently located offices near you.

Whether your lower back pain problem arises from an accident, old age or lifestyle habits, we will offer you a lasting solution. Call us today!

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