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There are two uncomfortable conditions that affect leg veins. These are varicose veins and spider veins. The two are symptoms of a prevalent and progressive disease called venous reflux (venous disease or venous insufficiency). Both men and women can get varicose veins or spider veins and should seek help from the top vein treatment center New Jersey area. Each condition is unique in the sense that the appearance of affected veins is different. If you have varicose veins, your leg veins are enlarged and sort of twisted.

On the other hard, if you have spider veins (telangiectasia or sunburst veins), the affected areas have thin purple, red or blue veins that form a spider web pattern. While spider veins can disappear on their own, varicose veins don’t. That’s why you need to search for the most reputable and reliable vein treatment center in NJ. A good vein doctor can use the most suitable method of eliminating your stubborn varicose veins. This doesn’t mean that you cannot remove your spider veins. If they have formed somewhere they can be easily noted, by all means eliminate them at the top vein treatment center New Jersey can offer you.

What causes venous disease?

Prior to getting either spider veins or varicose veins, you have a progressing disease in your leg veins. But why does the disease occur? It occurs when your vein valves fail to open and close as they are designed to do. Due to this, deoxygenated blood that should flow from your leg veins to the heart flows backward and pools in the vein. This put’s the vein walls under intense pressure and as the problem continues, symptoms of venous disease start showing. It is imperative to visit a vein treatment centre in NJ as soon as you feel heaviness in legs, pain and swelling. The doctor needs to determine whether you have varicosities or blood clots (Deep Vein Thrombosis) and take the right action. If you develop spider veins, keep in mind that you might see varicose veins in the near future. If no action is taken, you have the risk of developing the painful venous ulcers, phlebitis and skin discoloration among other complications.

Factors that favour development of venous disease

People who end up going to a vein treatment centre New Jersey or another state due to varicose veins, sunburst veins or related problems include:

  • Overweight or obese people
  • Professionals who work when standing or sitting down for the entire day or night. Nurses have a higher risk of catching venous reflux due to the strenuous nature of their job.
  • Pregnant women, due to adding weight
  • People who are genetically predisposed to develop varicose veins or a related condition.
  • People with a history of blood clots that prevent smooth flow of blood from the leg veins to the heart
  • Those who have a leg injury or muscle weakness
  • Phlebitis(swollen superficial veins)
  • Cancer patients

Sclerotherapy Treatmentt Near me and other treatment options

If the visited vein treatment centre in NJ discovers that you indeed have a venous reflux problem, it might recommend a sclerotherapy treatment. This method is often picked when spider veins and varicose veins are either small or of a medium size. Spider veins that can be treated via sclerotherapy are those that have increased in size over time and have become more noticeable due to their color and their amount. Spider veins are hardly a health issue that is too difficult to live with. Those who remove them want to restore their flawless skin.  On the other hard, varicose veins can hurt after a long day at work and are more unattractive to look at. To learn if sclerotherapy is ideal for you, locate a vein treatment center New Jersey area and visit it.

What is sclerotherapy all about?

Sclerotherapy is a method of treating a problematic vein. It causes a vein to scar and disappear altogether. As aforementioned, this treatment technique is offered at any vein treatment center in NJ and beyond to patients who have small to medium size varicose veins. It is performed by administering a drug into the damaged vein using a tiny needle. All the same, sclerotherapy is offered according to the type, size and quantity of veins needing treatment. The whole session can take up to half an hour and it might have to be repeated if the doctor at your preferred vein treatment centre New Jersey recommends.

Once the sclerosing chemical is injected by your specialist at a vein treatment center in NJ, it will force the vein wall to shrink and form scarring. This stops the blood from flowing via the treated vein, which gets absorbed by the body over time. The best outcome requires a lot of patience as it takes your system time to respond to all the shots it gets. While results occur shortly after treatment in some patients, for other people they can take several months to emerge.  Getting good results is not guaranteed though. At least ten percent of people who get injected into the varicose veins get a poor to fair result.

How a sclerotheraphy treatment near me and everyone is performed

Once a diagnosis about your condition is released and it is determined that you will undergo sclerotherapy, your vein treatment centre in NJ will begin the process. After your first appointment, your doctor will give you some leg preparation tips. For instance, they will ask you to avoid applying oil, powder or lotion to your legs the night prior to or the day of getting your sclerotherapy treatment. About the clothes you should wear during treatment, you should carry loose shorts. Remember to wear comfortable shoes too. Regarding medicines, don’t take aspirin or ibuprofen a few days prior to or after getting treatment. This is to reduce the extent of bruising you would have after the treatment.

Vitamin supplements that have iron must be avoided as well during the treatment session. Make sure you tell your specialist in your favorite vein treatment center New Jersey that you use Minocycline(if you do). This drug has been associated with skin pigmentation reactions. When the day of treatment comes, your physician will inject a sclerosing agent into the sick varicose vein or spider vein.  As soon as this is over, you will have to wear medical grade thigh high compression stockings.  They should have 20 to 30mm Hg compression to be fit for use. A reliable vein treatment center in NJ will provide the right compression hose. Ensure that you wear your hose for the entire day and night (24/7) for a whole week. These stockings play a major role in enhancing treatment results.

What I did after my first sclerotherapy treatment near me

I was able to drive myself back home because it was just a few minutes drive from my favorite vein treatment center New Jersey State.  Before I left my doctor’s office, he asked me about the far I had to drive before arrival. If my trip was more than an hour, he could have requested me to get a driver or advise me to stop over after every hour of driving to stretch out my legs. As for bathing, I did it the following day after removing my compression stockings. I love hot baths a lot but my doctor had warned me not to have them for 14 days to keep myself from venous dilation.

While it was fine for me to resume my usual schedule, I was warned against doing sit-ups, leg weight lifting, jogging, running or any high impact aerobic exercise.  I had to wait a whole week to do these activities. Lastly, my doctor at the vein treatment center in NJ asked me to shield the treated parts from the sunlight for the first seven days.

Potential side effects of sclerotherapy treatment

Like any other method of treating varicose veins and spider veins, sclerotherapy has its own side effects. It is good to ask the doctor at your preferred vein treatment center New Jersey to explain how sclerotherapy could affect you. By doing so, you will go through the treatment process while knowing everything about it.  Meanwhile, here are the side effects to expect:

  • Itching – The area of injections will be itchy for a number of days and it is likely to be mild and tolerable. Sometimes itching can be serious that Benadryl is prescribed by your doctor at your desired vein treatment center New Jersey.
  • Pain and tenderness – This is felt at the injection site once the sclerosing agent is inside the vein. While most patients can tolerate it, a few others feel pain.  If pain is felt, one can take acetaminophen or Tylenol.  If you receive Tylenol, avoid other pain killers such as aspirin, ibuprofen or Aleve.
  • Bruises – It happens at the injection site sometimes and can go away on its own. Unless you cannot tolerate it, don’t call your vein treatment center in NJ.
  • Skin pigmentation – This occurs in the form of brown spots and it is after having injections. When a tiny needle is penetrated into the vein to deposit the sclerosing agent, the vein might rapture. As a result, the sclerosing agent leaks into the surrounding tissue causing skin pigmentation. The brown spot is hardly ever permanent and normally disappears over time, but it can persist.
  • Ulcers – Ulceration can develop at the injection area. It is usually a tiny open sore that looks like a blister. It is a rare occurrence but when it occurs, the ulcer can take 4 to 6 weeks to totally heal. A tiny scar can be left behind.
  • Allergy – Some people develop an allergic reaction, but just like ulcers it seldom occurs. They are thought to be injected at the injected site. If it happens to you, call the physician at your best vein treatment center New Jersey and inform them.
  • Skin Necrosis – This is rarest of all side effects that are suffered by those who undergo sclerotherapy.  It is worse than the ulceration we mentioned above. Skin necrosis demands a more extensive treatment process.

The best time to call sclerotherapy treatment near me doctor

Undergoing sclerotherapy to get rid of your varicose veins or spider veins is not all. You need to follow up with your vein treatment center in NJ by reporting anything unusual. If you notice dark painful knots at your injection area, call your physician right away. These areas should be aspirated by your doctor. He or she might ask you to visit the clinic again for consistent checkups.  If any of the side effects mentioned above are noted and doesn’t go away, call your vein treatment center New Jersey and seek guidance.

How effective is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy tends to be effective when the vein gets absorbed by the body. But it is not as effective as other methods of treating varicose veins. As aforesaid, about ten percent of patients get poor to fair results. Poor results imply that the veins that were being treated are still visible after six treatments.  Additionally, sclerotherapy may worsen varicosities leading to failure of the treatment process.

Ninety percent of patients get the results they anticipated prior to getting injected with a sclorising agent. The number of treatment sessions required will differ from person to person. However, for most people, 3 to 6 sclerotherapy treatment sessions are needed per vein. If you have a number of veins that require treatment, your vein treatment center in NJ might do several sessions before you are totally healed.

Final word

It is important to start walking and doing your daily tasks as soon as possible after getting treated at a preferred vein treatment center New Jersey.  These simple exercises can speed up your recovery. However, don’t overexert yourself as it can lead to unnecessary pain. Instead, do what you can accomplish without pain. If you feel pain or another form of discomfort, go back to your vein treatment center in NJ and report this to your doctor. Ask your physician about other treatment methods too, prior to undergoing sclerotherapy. If he or she thinks that you can do another form of treatment that would be more effective, don’t hesitate to learn more about it before accepting to do it.

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