The Leading Arthritis Knee Pain Doctors

Who Is The Best Doctor To Help My Arthritis Knee Pain?

If you’re suffering from arthritis and want access to the best doctors, then we can help! We discuss the best arthritis knee pain doctor in the United States and the latest treatments they have available to you.

Suffering from arthritis? Knee pain bothering you? We have access to the latest conservative treatments and the best doctors at the VIP medical group.

If you are struggling with arthritis in your knee joints, it is important to try talking to your doctor to explore treatment options. Nowadays, orthopedic surgeons can hastily recommend knee replacement surgery combined with pain medicine to tackle arthritic knee joints and chronic knee pain. However, surgery carries many risks, including: problems with anesthesia, blood clots and post-operative infections. Invasive treatments like surgery procedures also require long recovery periods with an over-reliance on pain medication. Research is now beginning to demonstrate the negative consequences of relying on pain medication for long periods of time and the way it impacts other bodily functions.

Due to this, it is highly recommended that you consider visiting a pain doctor that can offer an array of successful, minimally-invasive treatment options.  These procedures use the latest technology in regenerative medicine to maximize health without the risks associated with unnecessary surgeries.  Pain doctors will also provide advice regarding factors that can assist with your knee pain, such as safe ways to lose weight, or modifications that can be made to daily activities to alleviate pain.

Dr George Hanna

Dr Hanna is a pain doctor who is nationally recognized and double board-certified. His areas of expertise include Pain Management and Anesthesiology. He received his training from the prestigious Harvard Medical School as well as Massachusetts General Hospital.  Dr Hanna has a wealth of experience to treat pain conditions and symptoms and has delivered several lectures in addition to publishing many scientific articles in the field of pain management. As a top knee doctor, knee pain causes and knee pain relief are of the highest priority. He is currently the Director of Pain Management at the VIP Medical Group.

Dr Namrata Khimani

Dr Khimani is a highly experienced pain doctor and a leader in the field of pain medicine. She is a triple board certified specialist and is exceptional in Pain Management and Venous Medicine. She is from New York and graduated from Harvard Medical School with honors. She was Chief Resident at New York Presbyterian Hospital – Columbia University and has passed the difficult certification process to become nationally recognized as a pain specialist. Dr Khimani is regularly involved in medical education to teach the latest treatment options to other doctors from across the country.  If you suffer from knee pain, Dr Khimani can combine her knowledge, skills and experience to tailor a treatment plan to you.

Dr Michael Nguyen

Dr Nguyen is a triple board certified and world-renowned pain specialist.  He studied at Harvard Medical School and is known around the world for offering the latest treatments and his high levels of expertise. He is an expert in Venous Medicine, Interventional Pain Management and Minimally Invasive Cosmetics. Many of the latest minimally invasive treatment options are a result of Dr Nguyen’s pioneering work!  As a top pain doctor, his clinic is a Center of Excellence and welcomes doctors, patients and athletes from around the world.

What Are Conservative Treatment Options?

Conservative treatments are procedures that maximise health through minimally-invasive procedures. They are a holistic approach to accurately targeting and treating pain whilst avoiding the need for risky surgical procedures.

The aim of a pain doctor is therefore to use the latest conservative treatment options that surgery may not be able to remedy. Pain doctors work with you to establish a treatment plan that suits your lifestyle whilst getting you back to full health efficiently and effectively. By visiting a pain doctor to treat knee joint pain, you will be able to explore treatment options that maximize your health through minimally-invasive and health-promoting techniques. Some examples of the latest knee pain treatment options include:

  • Genicular Nerve Block – the doctor injects the knee with local anesthetic. This blocks nerves from transmitting pain and provides pain relief.
  • Genicular Nerve Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) – this is an option for longer-term pain relief. It stops the nerve supply by placing heated needles to prevent the patient from feeling pain. A small amount of local anesthetic can also be used during this procedure.
  • Steroid or cortisone injection – the doctor applies anesthetic spray to numb the area before injecting anti-inflammatory pain medicine into the knee joint.
  • Viscosupplement knee injection – the doctor anesthetizes the area before injecting viscosupplement medicine. This is when lubricating fluid is injected into the knee joint.

What Qualities Should I Look For In My Pain Doctor?

Now that we have looked at the importance of visiting a pain doctor, let’s highlight key criteria you should look for in your pain doctor:

  • Board Certified – this ensures that your pain doctor has achieved the highest possible levels of training. A Board Certified doctor has completed intense, rigorous training and is experienced and qualified to provide the best treatments available.
  • Ivy League trained – graduates of Ivy League Medical Schools demonstrate high academic rigor and training. Doctors at the VIP Medical Group are Ivy League graduates. They keep up-to-date with the latest advancements in medicine to offer you the best treatments.
  • Offering minimally-invasive treatments – the best pain doctors will be able to provide you with the latest treatments in regenerative pain medicine. Our doctors help patients to avoid the risks of unnecessary surgery and long-term pain medication by offering access to a range of procedures.
  • Friendly and patient – beyond their academic knowledge of physical medicine, doctors must be caring and compassionate. Physical and emotional comfort is at the heart of the VIP Medical Group. Our staff are incredibly friendly and spend time explaining every procedure and answering any questions you may have.

As well as providing a thorough assessment and accurate knee pain diagnosis, all of the specialists at the VIP Medical Group are extremely friendly and caring. Above and beyond their rigorous academic training and medical knowledge, they truly believe in the importance of maximizing health through minimally-invasive procedures. Consider visiting us in our state of the art Center of Excellence.

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