New york pain management group

Vein Institute and Pain Center New York provide a fitting array of contemporary and modern pain resolution techniques and services.

As an established New York pain management group, our services span from spinal stimulation and acupuncture to medical massage among other interventions.

We rely on a team of highly qualified Ivy League specialists, who manage diagnostics and treatment options.

With our reputation as a pioneering New York pain management group, we believe that treating pain from the root cause provides a lasting solution. We rely on a wide range of traditional and complementary therapies—from spinal cord stimulation to medical acupuncture.

Our team of pain specialists is highly-skilled in providing diagnostics, services, and treatments that include the following:

• Electro diagnostic techniques.
• Integrative Medicine.
• X-Ray Guided Interventional Pain Procedures.
• Ultrasound Guided Muscle and Joint Injections.
• Physical Therapy.
• Peripheral Nerve and Spinal Cord Stimulation.

In our conveniently located VIP center, we rely on personalized care for patients. Our blend of conventional and complimentary treatment techniques help us to handle any pain problem, acute or chronic with remarkable outcomes. We stop at nothing to improve our patient’s way and quality of life.

A Range of Pain Management Treatments

At VIP Center New York, we take pride in a team of highly seasoned pain doctors with years of expertise and newly trained experts, who are conversant with new pain relief methods and technology. We strive to offer balanced solutions that draw from new and time tested pain management alternatives. By combining varied medical knowledge, we provide the best treatment option for every patient.

Successful Pain Management

The Vein Institute and Pain Centers New York strive to be at the forefront of emerging pain relief techniques. We are constantly reviewing new technology and integrative medicine to optimize treatment. With proven research-backed care and revolutionary therapies, we ensure that patients resume their productive lives without worrying about recurring pain.